Tennessee Bulldogs

Tennessee Bulldogs is located in Cordova, TN, a suburb of Memphis.  We are a responsible and ethical breeder of Bulldogs. Our mission is to produce healthy bulldogs with great temperments that make great family companions.

We strive to produce quality healthy, wrinkly, big boned, & family oriented bulldogs, as well as improving the breed as a whole. We only breed bulldogs that have been vet certified as healthy.  All of our dogs are raised by hand and with our family at our home in Cordova, TN.

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A partial list of the champion blood lines at this time include UGA IV's Magillicuddy II  (UGA V), Champion Little Ponds Chief, Champion Cherokee Legend Garth, Champion DK's Righteous Right, Champion Collins Jubilant Jasper, Champion Legend's Sumo of Ful Ton, Champion Kennedy's Boser the Right One, Champion Prestwick Gawain, Champion Kennedy's Pride of Dixie, Champion Workman Tuffy Gangbuster, Champion Churchill Manchester, Champion Valor's Noble Thunder, Champion Jaylou's Major Proxy, Champion Hetherbull Arrogant Nigel, Champion Little Ponds Splash, Champion Prestwick Gawain, Champion Cherokee Lord Prestwick, Champion Milcoats Titus, Champion Smashercal Jbrare Bigmacatac, Champion Melrods Fabulous Freddy, Champion Oldhams Doubletake of Melrod, Champion Trimbull No Looking Back, Champion Dunebrae Prime Time, Champion Legends Sumo of Fulton, Champion Collins Little Honey Bear, Champion Prestwick Gawain, Champion Hetherbull Arrogant Bandit, Champion Phenix's Fatal Beauty, Champion Little Pond's Chief, Champion Cherokee Legend Garth, Champion Showtime Simply Fabulous, Champion Smashercal Jbrare Bigmacatac and Champion Dk's Cool Dude

AKC Registered Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Memphis, TN!

 Tennessee Bulldogs is home to what we think is the more amazing dog breed in the world: The English Bulldog. If you've been searching for a quality AKC registsted Bulldog, you've come to the right place.

We specialize in offering hand raised bulldogs as well as bulldogs for stud.  It is a goal of Tennessee Bulldogs to keep our business on a small scale.  This allows all of our bulldogs and puppies to live inside our home throughout their entire lives. It is also why we only offer 2-3 litters per year.